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Outcomes. Not just output.

What you need to get the results you’re seeking. For some clients, it starts with a fresh communications plan and toolkit review. For others, it’s organizing and updating the library of existing sales collateral, creating white papers to educate the market, assembling videos that show rather than tell.

Gamechange delivers the people and skills for both internal and external projects – working with your team or as a turnkey marketing department.. From market research to front line social postings and media training, we’ll find the right combination for value, speed and service. Some examples:

Strategy and content for proving consulting expertises.


This California-based global consulting group grew quickly and through acquisitions. The company wanted to showcase its expertise and proposed a quarterly print/web magazine for forward-looking executives. A combination of strategy and advisory content would come from BRG and outside academic experts.


ThinkSet launched in May 2017, 90 days after kickoff. Each issue offers independent reporting and action steps on the unique outcome-based, multi-disciplinary approach to law, finance and operations. In 24-page issues, ThinkSet features original conversation-starter articles and graphics on issues from private equity fund management, health care investment and corporate data security. The project also developed useful internal knowledge that led to a corporate branding exercise and client outreach efforts.


Thinkset Magazine

Copyright Clearence Center

Marketing clarity on music copyright for companies


Using recorded music for corporate events and campaigns opens up a complex mix of legal, ethical and copyright-related issues. Educating executives who manage these programs and the people requires different messages. Any song, anywhere can be searched, played, downloaded, duplicated and shared. Sometimes that occurs improperly or illegally.

This company manages copyright access and digital asset libraries. It was entering a new market with RightFind Music, offering more than 500,000 tracks licensed for corporate use and simplifying copyright compliance.


  • Research on improper corporate use of music to identify the risk/reward and legal settlements related to music copyright infringements.
  • Copywriting and talking points for executives to introduce RightFind Music with the appropriate level of urgency and in the right context for their organization.
  • Interviews with music library executives helped determine the balance between push (sale) versus pull (demand). User experience also led to insights on habits for searching and sharing workplace music for marketing and events.
  • Storyboard for interactive web video outlining workflows and options for RightFind Music.



Growth, community and complexity for an innovation software provider


Following its London-based public offering, this software company chose Gamechange to support its Boston office, the US headquarters. We delivered a coordinated effort in both internal communications process and external outreach to clients to celebrate their successes. Imaginatik software powered innovation and collaboration efforts at Schering-Plough, WR Grace, Pfizer and Cargill. Industry research and client success stories built a library of sales/marketing resources and a repeatable path for marketing materials and legal clearances.


Created a cohesive marketing resource center by editing years of white papers, conference and pitch-related slides and after-action reviews. Built a company style/brandbook. We also created press announcements, speaking/conference presentations and material for – and from – worldwide user meetings. Key results:

  • Developed a new blog to tap the growing interest in corporate innovation training. That blog saw a 5x increase in interaction with clients, prospects, industry experts over previous efforts.
  • Supported online user communities where software lead users exchanged advice on ideation campaigns.
  • Served as internal managing editor to ensure public information was consistent, accurate and within London Stock Exchange rules.



Sustainable energy advisor needs a brand, logo, repositioning


When incentives for renewable energy installations made commercial-grade projects financially attractive, industrial property owners and government agencies responded quickly. Studying and implementing wind, solar and photo-voltaic heat/electric installations moved quickly. This small company suddenly had feasibility studies to complete across the U.S. and multinational corporations as clients. A homemade logo and website were no longer acceptable.


Gamechange led a brand overhaul and new website that highlights its work for Philips Lightolier, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and at Boston’s Museum of Science. Within 90 days, we designed and launched a new streamlined site; wrote or edited case studies and supporting materials for proposals and new presentation slides. This affordable, responsive program delivered quick results. More details can be found at Results:

  • New logo and type library, business cards and document templates.
  • Forward-looking calendar of news, events, milestones and press outreach.
  • Inventory of project photos and library of referrals, for response to inbound inquiries.
  • Organized links that increased search results and visibility by using public sites with news video, corporate announcements or partner resources.

Design Sample: New Logo


Rebooting a 30-year-old brand and marketing materials


After 30 years in the group travel industry, a family-owned, regional company needed an overhaul. Customer data and promotional materials required new analytics and reporting capabilities. Reservation and pre-departure communications had to keep pace with a more mobile and busy global traveler. Utility failures were another driver for creating a back-up plan with secured, cloud-based data. Moving client-facing resources to web-based, social and self-service systems – using Google Drive and more customized options -- helped trip sponsors such as colleges mulitple options to serve clients at any time, anywhere.


  • Revised website brand logo, mailing/web brochure templates.
  • Doubled new client onboarding and activity in first year.
  • Customer analysis sped up bookings and created new referral incentives using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Launched e-newsletter, pre-departure conferencing and on-call support aided both travelers and sponsor organizations, largely college alumni organizations with limited staff.
  • Emergency plan and backup created resilience during Superstorm Sandy, providing fail-over capacity from New Jersey office using cloud-based assets.

DESIGN SAMPLE: Flyer Redesign


Uncovering the real audience, market message for a new oil/gas technology


The company developed a new infrared camera, GasFindIR, to detect leaking gases not visible to the human eye -- a significant leap forward in maintenance of oil/gas/chemical pipelines. Following Hurricane Katrina, it was used for aerial inspections, finding leaks of volatile organic compounds in Texas and Louisiana. Yet slow sales uptake by corporate and industrial prospects led to a project for Gamechange to explore causes, go-to-market messages and prospects.


At a training session for GasFindIR users and sales prospects, we interviewed early adopters. Objections from prospects were shared with sales executives along with research on trends in safety inspections. During this project we produced:

  • Client success story from ExxonMobil Baytown refinery – the largest U.S. facility at the time.
  • Repositioned brochure and collateral targeting regulatory agencies – not companies – as a new market.
  • Press coverage from trade outlets, such as Hydrocarbon Processing, and mainstream business titles including Houston Business Journal.
  • News releases, presentation decks and B-roll video using existing media assets.

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