Cast of Characters

Every project requires a unique set of skills and personalities. Here are some of the players we count on and the experience they bring.

David Wallace

Launched gamechange LLC in 2005, after 15 years as a business and technology reporter contributing to Wired, Reuters, The New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer and other outlets. His experience with new technologies and innovation strategies led to marketing projects with both agencies and direct clients including Verizon-Small Business, SAP, iPass and venture-funded companies such as Living Strategies and ZoomInfo. Since 2005, he has also been an adjunct faculty member at Emerson College and Boston University on news media and journalism. (LinkedIn)

Martine Cameau

A creative director who has advised top executives on brand design and diverse corporate projects from books to location signs and packaging. She understands goals, anticipates needs, and delivers innovative solutions—all within budget, whether the project is a small print brochure or a digital strategy and annual report. Some of her clients have included Forbes Family Trust, Merrill Lynch and Scholastic Inc. (LinkedIn)

Karin Mattiucci

Graphic designer with both agency and direct-client experience in brand management, advertising and marketing for clients in web, interactive and print formats. She has delivered creative design solutions for clients in the financial, industrial, retail and high-tech industries for over a decade. (LinkedIn)


Get a fresh, independent, thorough view of your company’s processes — production to sales, finance to marketing. Uncover and share knowledge, save time and money and keep pace with innovative approaches to your industry.


Share what your organization knows with partners, prospects and stakeholders. We can create a library of content and choose the right technology. Get more value and spend less time chasing information.


Meet your audiences with the details they need and the delivery they want -- Websites to white papers, social media to print brochures, videos and slides on Prezi. We’ve got a deep toolbox and the technical expertise. And we collaborate with your staff or external agency partners.

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